Tax Planning for Tax Season 2017

For most Canadians, January marks that time of year when we start the process of preparing for income tax filing with Revenue Canada. Whether it is for Personal Income Tax, Business tax filing, Estate Taxes or you’re a Non-Resident, at some point, you are required to file your tax return. With some smart tax planning [...]

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Choosing the Right Accountant for Your Not for Profit

Accounting is a complex field requiring specialized training and certification. Finding the right accountant for your business can be challenging, and if you are not an accountant yourself, you might wonder how to determine if you have chosen a good one. Here are some tips to take the frustration and doubt out of finding the [...]

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Preparing For Tax Season Early

What You Can Do If your looking to do your tax planning in Burnaby early this year, there are some simple things you can do to position yourself well for a stress-free tax season. At Naicker & Associates in Burnaby, as Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA) we recommend you consider these steps to save valuable time [...]

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Plan for the Unplanned

Plan for Unplanned Expenses According to a recent poll by BMO, "Sixty-eight per cent of Canadians surveyed have had to dip into their rainy day fund in emergency situations but the majority of them - 58 per cent - didn't have sufficient cash to cover the full cost of the expenses, according to the BMO [...]

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Five Basic Steps to Financial Success

We all dream of riches - or at least of financial security. Yet what most of us do not realize is that our goals are well within our reach - if we are willing to follow the basic tenets of financial responsibility to get there. The following five steps are basic, easy rules by which [...]

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