Primary Types of Financial Planning

Financial planning is a critical service offered by accountants for both business and personal clients. Making an effective financial plan can help set goals and get the client ready for the future. Here are the three primary types of financial planning: Short-term This is the financial plan that sets out the goals and strategies for [...]

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Gearing up your small business for 2017 tax season

The new tax year has arrived, which means that it’s time to get ready to produce everything necessary for the 2017 tax season. For small business owners, this can be an incredibly stressful time of year. With April looking in the future, here are a few ways your small business can gear up for the [...]

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Income splitting through an incorporated business

Tax brackets are one of the simplest things to understand when figuring out your tax bill. Very simply, tax is accessed based on your income, and the highest your salary, the more tax you pay. So let’s say that a husband and wife are making $200,000 per year, collectively. If one person is making $150,000 [...]

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Advantages a CPA can make for tax planning

There are many advantages a chartered professional accountant can bring to businesses, large and small, and the average person. One area where they provide a lot of assistance is in the world of tax planning. By hiring an accounting firm with staff members that have over 20 years experience, like the staff at Naicker & [...]

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How an Accountant Can Help Your Small Business

Many small business owners believe that they can handle all their accounting themselves. All they need to do is buy some accounting software, enter in the numbers, and everything’s in the black. But hiring a chartered professional accountant, like one at Naicker & Associates, can really help you navigate the complicated financial waters of owning [...]

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Tax Services and More for Not-For-Profits and Charities

Accounting is easy for a not-for-profit organization, right? Most people think that charities and not-for-profit organizations have it easy, simply because they don’t have to pay any taxes. Because they don’t have to pay any taxes, their accounting needs should be simple, too. Some of these organizations and charities believe this as well, choosing to [...]

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Business & Personal Accounting Tips at Christmas

Christmas might just be the second most important time of year from a financial perspective. People are spending more, businesses are hiring more staff, parties and presents are everywhere, and a smart person is checking with his or her accountant to make sure they’re prepared for the season. Here are a few accounting tips for [...]

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What to expect from a business audit

You’ve just gotten the phone call that everyone dreads—a tax auditor from the Canadian Revenue Agency has just called and asked you to schedule an audit. He or she wants to go through, usually, two or three taxation years and you’ve got to provide this person with all your records. It’s a scary procedure that [...]

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Incorporating Trusts in Estate Planning

You’re preparing for your retirement and wondering how to protect everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve. You don’t want creditors to come around and take your estate—you want to make sure the property, money, and investments go to your family. One way of doing this is to establish a trust. What is a trust? [...]

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What’s new in Business Taxes in 2017?

With every new budget, the federal government changes something to the tax code. Whether it is raising or lowering the rates, changing the way payroll deductions are charged, or adding or removing tax credits, taxpayers must pay attention to what’s different each and every year. And those changes are why we keep seeing tax accountants [...]

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