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Tips for Organizing Business Expenses

One of the most important ideas to keeping your small business successfully organized is by laying a strong foundation right from the beginning. It is most beneficial to start a plan right from the beginning and stick with it – don’t leave receipts out to be organized at a later date.   Fortunately, there are [...]

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When to Incorporate Your BC Business

When to incorporate your BC business   As small businesses grow and develop, the owner(s) will start to contemplate incorporating their business. They have heard about the benefits or doing such a thing but may have many questions before they begin.   The first question is always this: what does it mean to incorporate a [...]

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Financial Planning for New Parents

Financial planning for new parents   Becoming a new parent is an exciting and stressful time for anyone. With a new baby in the house, there are so many changes and adjustments that need to be made to the daily routine and it may seem overwhelming. Getting through one day at a time becomes a [...]

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Tax considerations for e-commerce business owners

Tax considerations for e-commerce business owners   E-commerce businesses are becoming more and more popular with every year and many Canadians have deciding to forego the brick-and-mortar business plan for one that allows them to stay at home and online. But there may be tax considerations to think about when running an e-commerce business. Here [...]

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What’s a TSFA account?

A TSFA account (Tax-free Savings Account) is a government-sponsored investment account that was introduced in 2009 as a way to encourage Canadians to save for their retirements. For many people, a TSFA is a simple, little bank account where you can store away some money and not pay any taxes on it. You collect the [...]

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Top Considerations for Small Business Financial Planning

Small business owners have many things to consider when running a successful company. They have to deal with overhead, staffing, marketing, and the general day-to-day operations. There are a lot of tasks and they end up wearing many different hats to succeed. Financial planning isn’t something they should try to do by themselves. With so [...]

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Tips on tracking business expenses

Even though tax season is a distant memory, business owners all over the Lower Mainland should be saying the same thing: “I need to start tracking my business expenses better than last year.” If you’ve ever lost a business receipt, or spent far too much time trying to track down your credit card charges, here [...]

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What’s new for the 2018 tax season?

Every year there are changes to the Canadian Tax Code and taxpayers struggle to figure out how these changes will affect their returns. At Naicker & Associates, we offer tax preparation services in order to take some of that guesswork away from our clients and we like everyone to know exactly what’s coming from the [...]

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What you should know about rental property tax deductions in BC

If you are renting property in British Columbia, whether that is a separate property or one or more rooms in your home, there are many expenses that can be deducted when doing your personal tax planning and calculating your rental income. Some of the basic expenses you can claim are: •    Mortgage interest •    Property [...]

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Primary Types of Financial Planning

Financial planning is a critical service offered by accountants for both business and personal clients. Making an effective financial plan can help set goals and get the client ready for the future. Here are the three primary types of financial planning: Short-term This is the financial plan that sets out the goals and strategies for [...]

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